Conflict Coaching

There are many seminars today on topics such as “dealing with difficult people.”  Yet if you are involved in an ongoing conflict at home or at work, it can be difficult to sort out the underlying source of entrenchment without the feedback of an individual coach who stands outside of the dynamic.  Common sources of conflict include different ways of processing information, insisting on being “right,” inability to acknowledge more than one point of view, and sometimes having different goals.  Are you able to speak up for your own needs and perspective?  Are you aware of your own triggers and reactivity in the relationship?  Coaching can help you develop effective strategies for both the relationship and your own self-care. If you are dealing with someone who shows signs of having a personality disorder, in some cases you may be able to deal with them effectively by an objective view of their needs; in other cases, your best strategy may be to develop and maintain workable boundaries.