Negotiation Coaching

Daily life involves negotiations. Approximately 98% of all lawsuits are resolved through some form of negotiation. Yet very few of us negotiate well. As a result, relationships are often damaged and opportunities for cooperation, teamwork and creative outcomes are overlooked. Before an important negotiation, working with a skilled negotiation coach experienced in conflict resolution can dramatically increase your effectiveness. Negotiation coaching includes education, assessment, clarification and strategic development such as: (1) clarifying your priorities and the likely priorities of the others involved, (2) developing an approach to rapport-building and communications informed by the relationship history and the information processing styles of all participants, (3) developing a pro-active plan for dealing with your own “triggers” and setting appropriate boundaries, (4) identifying sources of empowerment, (5) getting into a creative problem-solving space and(6) knowing if, when and how to walk away.

Negotiation Coaching in California is an effective way to learn How to Negotiate Effectively. Effective Negotiations are a huge pillar of business success.