Family Law Mediation

Mediation is well suited to address a number of family law issues in addition to dissolution of marriage (divorce) or dissolution of a domestic partnership. These include custody and visitation issues in any family law action, issues in paternity actions, modifications of financial or parenting provisions after a divorce or dissolution (“post-decree” issues), pre-marital agreements, communication issues for co-parents and any other issue related to family law.

Family law mediations are typically done in a series of 2-hour or 3-hour sessions, at the convenience of the parties. MEDIATED SOLUTIONS, LLC, LLC provides a detailed summary of agreements, homework, and proposals under consideration after each session. Assuming agreements are ultimately reached on all issues, the final summary contains all the detail necessary for whoever will draft the documents to be filed with the court. In most jurisdictions, if the parties are represented by lawyers, the lawyers can submit the final documents by mail and no court appearance will be necessary. For those choosing to represent themselves a short court appearance may be required.

For divorce mediations, MEDIATED SOLUTIONS, LLC offers a free consultation of up to one hour to assist divorcing couples in deciding whether mediation and mediation through MEDIATED SOLUTIONS, LLC is a good “fit” for their needs. For other family law mediations, MEDIATED SOLUTIONS, LLC will discuss by phone, free of charge, any questions you may have about the process and our style of working with clients.